I look at a brand as a living, breathing organism.

A brand is either growing or it is withering.

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A brand needs to be nurtured into a healthy, thriving digital ecosystem. I work with business owners to to fully revive their brands through site analytics.

Are you ready to embrace data and what its telling you about your customers?

Where you’re losing conversions? Where you are missing opportunities? Or validating what you’re doing right - and how to do it even better to delight your customers and increase profits?


You can’t create a map to your destination without first knowing where you are. That’s why I dig deep to uncover trends on your website. I look at all the parts of your website to create a cohesive picture of how well your website is connecting and converting your ideal audience. Or on the flipside, where you site is losing your audience and they’re clicking away. Is your site getting your ideal clients where they want to go? This is where you are right now. Together, we’ll use these data trends to solve problems, fill gaps and add value to your user’s experience with your website. Getting to where you want to go requires you to connect and convert passive onlookers into passionate customers.



Not nearly as daunting as an IRS audit, in fact, you don’t even have to do anything! Just sit back and let me do the work behind the scenes. This review of your site is a look ‘under the hood’ but not quite the full test drive of your website machinery.

Okay, did I say that you don’t have to do anything? Well, you’ll have to answer a few homework questions for me first (after all, I AM a professor! But I promise not to grade it..). After my audit, I’ll create you an easy-to-follow video recording and PDF along with suggestions for immediate changes to your site. You’ll leave the audit with quick, actionable steps and suggestions for your (or your developer).



Website design

Ready to launch that new idea but need a place for it to call home? I can help ya with that!

I'll design your new site for you, providing all of the page designs, style tiles, elements, and graphics for your developer to apply to the framework that suits you and your business needs.



SITE Redesign + Dev

This is where the magic happens.

All the data, analysis and predictions are folded up into the design in order to create a remarkable customer experience with your site and your business. With equal parts data love and design artistry, your redesigned website will speak to the heart of your customer. It takes form and function, systems and style, and technology and taste to turn a pile of data into a beautiful asset that turns visitors into loyal customers day in and day out.

Starting at $5,500

Not quite sure? Questions? Get in touch!

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Which is why I’ve got a clear process.

my process

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I believe in service funnels, not sales funnels. 90% of my clients come from referrals. How? It’s all thanks to results and a stellar customer experience.


Getting to Know You@2x

We’ll start off our project with really getting to know one another, I can’t help you if I don’t know you and your business.

Goal Setting 1@2x

Every project begins with a focused, clear understanding of your goals and the strategies you’ve been implementing.


This is more than just glancing at your data and telling you what it means in laymans terms. I use intuition and research to recognize trends.

Action plan@2x

You constantly evolving in your life and business, why should your website be left out? We'll create a strategy for implementing all we've learned throughout our time together.


A roadmap ensures that we’re walking this path together. Every. Step.

One of my degrees focuses on strategic planning, and I firmly believe that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Roadmapping lets us have our plan, know when things are due, AND lets us adapt when needed.

A roadmap shows us where we’re going and how we’re gonna get there.

tools I use

Just as in physical design, tools need to be selected with care. Throughout our work together, I assess and reassess the needs of your business. This is the standard tool kit that I use for *almost* every client.

Google Analytics@2x




Screen Recordings@2x


User Surveys@2x


Join The List@2x
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