7 Things Website Visitors Love to See


When you land on a website for the first time, what do you look for?

1. I look for the Brand


Not the branding, but the Brand. Who’s site is this? What do they look like?

Visitors love to see the Brand because it helps them connect with the owner. It also gives the visitor a sense of place. A logo and a photo help the visitor to build trust within your relationship. You’re a real person with a real business.

You don’t want them to feel like they’ve been kidnapped with a bag over their head and dumped in the middle of nowhere on the great, wide interwebs.

Welcome them into your home.

Which leads us to number two.

2. Clean Design and Navigation

There are many reasons why clean designs are ideal, but the main reason is to make it easy for your visitors to find what they need so YOU can make a sale.

You wouldn’t invite someone into your home without cleaning it first, why should your digital home be any different?

When navigation is clean and clear, people are more likely to stay on your site. I’ve fallen prey to the cutesy menu names too, and I’m here to tell you that it’s not worth it! It’s confusing and can cause decision paralysis – which usually leads them straight off your website.


Think of it this way… how long did it take you to craft the perfect clever name for your menu, thinking it would help you stand out? I’m going to assume it took you awhile. (At least it did for me!)

If it took you, who knows your business inside and out, a while to come up with your creative and clever names… how long will it take your visitor to decipher what goes where?

I had navigation labels like: The Journal (Blog), Love Notes (Testimonials – which don’t get me started on this, or do… maybe a blog post in the future), and Get Started (Inquiry… I’m cringing just thinking of this!). When I switched my menu item names to something more conventional, I saw a 12% increase in click-through-rates (CTR).

Who Are You

3. Explanation of What You Do

This may sound like common sense, but you’d be surprised by how many people hide what they do further down on their page. Almost as if they’re trying to warm their audience up to the idea of what they do and why the visitor should pick THEM over the competition.

Put your offer front and center. Make it clear that you offer XYZ. You aren’t fooling anyone, everyone knows you’re in business to make money. Don’t try to hide it! Embrace your business and how you help others, for a price. 😉

4. A Call To Action (CTA)

No… this doesn’t have to be in your face or the first step towards joining a movement (though that’s cool too). It just needs to be a simple, SINGLE call to action on each page. Let’s think of an about page first.

You don’t want to ask a visitor to fill out a contact form, a subscribe form, and to follow your social media all in one go. You need to slowly coax them into those ways of connecting with you.

When you have more than one CTA, you’re not providing your visitor with more ways to connect. You’re providing them with more opportunities to say no.

We live in a BUSY digital world, too many choices can lead the visitor to making the one choice you don’t want them to make, leaving your site.


5. Legal Bits and Bobs

Trust goes a long way when building and nurturing a relationship – be sure to include terms and conditions, privacy policies, credits, copyright, trademarks, and data policies on your digital assets.

Bits and social

6. Ways to Connect

This can be done a few ways, and depends on your business and what your audience needs. This could be a contact form, email address, post address, skype or zoom name, phone number, office hours, or social media.

With social media, I recommend placing those links at the bottom of your site, in your footer. Yes, we want to grow our social media following and engagement, but not at the expense of having visitors leave our site to do so. If social icons are at the top of your site, you’re giving the visitor the opportunity to leave and potential get distracted on their favorite social platform, abandoning you and your site.


7. Clear Services and Pricing

People have whole blogs devoted to Pricing and Services, I’ll simply say that it I have seen higher conversion rates with clients when pricing is shared in a visible location. This pricing can be absolute where you’re trading dollars for hours, or a “starting at” point providing a range for a project.

We want informed consumers, people who know what they want, what they’re getting, and how they’re going to get it (you hopefully!). Leaving pricing off of your site is a sign to the visitor that they need to contact you to learn more. This can lead to the visitor self-selecting out of your services because they don’t know what price point you’re serving.

Most people want to know price first, then they’ll fall in love with you.

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✗ Make your site easy to use.
Clear over clever. All day every day.

✗ Provide information.
This helps people find what they need, when they need it.

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